South Plains Lamesa Railroad

South Plains
Lamesa Railroad

Who We Are

South Plains Lamesa Railroad, Ltd. has been serving the South Plains since 1993. With a railpark located in Slaton, Texas and excellent access to major highways, South Plains Lamesa Railroad is ideally situated to serve as a transloading site for West Texas and eastern New Mexico. Capable of handling heavy loads and large volumes or single car loads for smaller shipments.

Room to Work

We offer facilities to accommodate any level of commercial or industrial application—including wieght scales to meet a variety of needs.

Space to Store

SPLRR has the capability to store large scale railcar storage requirements. With room to expand, we are more than capable of handling any size operation.


With perfect location in respect to rail lines and major highways, South Plains Lamesa Railroad provides the perfect source for transloading operations for a wide variety of shipping and railway resources.


Railcar Storage

The location of South Plains Lamesa Railroad headquarters in Slaton, TX allows for an immense storage facility with capabilities for various storage needs.

South Plains Lamesa Railroad is equipped to handle any number of rail service needs with facilities designed to meet those needs. Our industrial sites are available for all of your rail service needs.

Industrial Sites

For more information about the services provided by South Plains Lamesa Railroad please contact us using the form below. We will be happy to visit with you about your rail service needs.


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